New Hampshire Lakes

We at Roche Realty Group feel truly fortunate living in the Lakes Region. Not only do we live in an extraordinarily beautiful place, we have the privilege of helping our clients find their dream homes on or near the lake, too! 

New Hampshire’s largest lake is Winnipesaukee, which has 72 sq. mi. of surface area and 274 islands. Other major lakes include Squam, Winnisquam, Waukewan, Opechee, Newfound, Ossipee and Wentworth. 

Scroll down below to learn about each of these major lakes plus the many  smaller surrounding NH lakes. From each dropdown item you can search for real estate on those lakes.

Click on the dropdown arrow for each lake listed below to search for real estate and to learn about max depth, area and length.

Area: 184 acres
Max Depth: 18 feet
Shoreline length: 3.8 miles.

Crescent Lake Search

Area: 440 acres
Max Depth: 51 feet
Location: Gilmanton
Info: Crystal Lake flows via the Suncook River into the Merrimack River. This Peaceful Lake is located in the historic town of Gilmanton and includes a number of vacation properties.

Crystal Lake Search

Area: 114 acres
Shoreline: 1.7 miles
Location: Ossipee

Search Duncan Lake

Area: 1,706 acres
Max Depth: 102 feet
Shoreline: 18 miles
Location: Wakefield
Info: There are many seasonal cottages and vacation homes on Great East Lake.

Search Great East Lake

Area: 282 acres
Length: 1.6 miles
Width: 0.4 miles
Located: Barnstead, Alton

Search Halfmoon Lake

Area: 176 acres
Shoreline: 5.4 miles
Location: Sanbornton

Search Hermit Lake

Area: 371 Acres
Max Depth: 30 feet
Shoreline: 5.2 miles
Location: Moultonborough
Info: Kanasatka is a peaceful lake with scenic views of Red Hill.

Search Lake Kanasatka

Area: 4,136 acres
Length: 8.1 miles
Width: 2.3 miles
Max. Depth: 142 ft.
Shoreline: 70 miles
Located: Sunapee, New London, Newbury

Search Lake Sunapee

Area: 3,018 acres
Max Depth: 49 feet
Shoreline: 14 miles
Location: Wentworth, Wolfeboro
Info: There are many summer cottages and homes along the shores of Wentworth in the scenic resort town of Wolfeboro, the oldest summer resort in America. Lake Wentworth is accessible via the Smith River into Lake Wentworth.

Search Lake Wentworth Real Estate

Area: 322 acres
Max Depth: 30 feet
Shoreline: 5.9 miles
Location: Meredith.
Info: Lake Wicwas has a length of 1.2 miles and a width of .5 miles.

Search Lake Wicwas Real Estate

Area: 426 acres
Max Depth: 65 feet
Shoreline: 5.9 miles
Location: Laconia
Info: Lake Opechee is 1.9 miles long and is .7 miles wide. Paugus Bay flows into Lake Opechee at the Lakeport Dam and Opechee flows into Lake Winnisquam in downtown Laconia.

Search Lake Opechee Real Estate

Area: 4,264 acres
Max Depth: 154 feet
Shoreline: 28.2 miles
Location: Sanbornton, Tilton, Laconia, Meredith, Belmont.
Info: Lake Winnisquam is NH’s third largest lake and offers pristine waters; it offers a length of 5.4 miles, a width of 1.7 miles and average depth of 52 ft.

Search Lake Winnisquam Real Estate

Area: 912 acres
Max Depth: 68 Feet
Shoreline: 8.1 miles
Location: Meredith, New Hampton
Info: Lake Waukewan is 2.1 miles long and has a width of .9 miles. It is Meredith’s water supply, featuring clean water and an average depth of 22 ft. Waukewan flows into Meredith Bay of Lake Winnipesaukee through the Inn at Mills Falls.

Search Lake Waukewan Real Estate

Area: 44,568 acres
Max Depth: 187 feet
Shoreline: 240 miles
Location: Alton, Center Harbor, Gilford, Laconia, Meredith, Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, Wolfeboro.

Info: Lake Winnipesaukee is NH’s largest and most famous lake. It has 72 sq. mi. of surface area, 274 islands, and approximately 625 billion gallons of water! Its length is 22.9 miles and its width is 7.5 miles and its average depth is 62 ft. It is very popular lake for all water sports, with many lakeside restaurants dotting its Shoreline. Lake Winnipesaukee is the 6th largest natural lake completely inside US boarders. The largest island on the lake is Long Island (1,186 acres), followed by Bear Island (780 acres), Cow Island (522 acres) and Governors Island (504 acres).

Search for Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate

Area: 154 acres
Max Depth: 41 feet
Shoreline: 3.1 miles
Location: Center Harbor, New Hampton
Info: Winona is 1.3 miles long and .3 miles wide.

Search for Lake Winona Real Estate

Area: 408 acres
Max Depth: 84 feet
Shoreline: 4.3 miles
Location: Holderness, Ashland.
Info: Little Squam has a length of 1.7 miles, a width of .6 miles and an average depth of 23 feet. Little Squam is connected to Big Squam Lake at the Squam Lake Bridge in Holderness, near the Squam Lakes Science Center.

Area: 149 acres
Location: Barnstead
Info: Half Moon Lake feeds into Locke Lake, which then drains by Webster Stream. Locke Lake is part of the Suncook River watershed.

Search for Locke Lake Real Estate

Area: 188 acres
Max Depth: 53 feet
Avg. Depth: 24 feet
Location: Freedom

Search for Loon Lake Real Estate

Area: 538 acres
Max Depth: 41 feet
Avg. Depth: 13 feet
Shoreline: 6.6 miles
Location: Wakefield
Info: Lovell Lake is 2.5 miles in length and 0.7 miles in width.

Search for Lovell Lake Real Estate

Area: 402 acres
Length: 1.5 miles
Width: 0.7 miles
Located: Bradford

Search for Massasecum Lake Real Estate

Area: 1,111 acres
Max Depth: 122 feet
Shoreline: 10.8 miles
Location: New Durham
Info: Merrymeeting Lake feeds into Lake Winnipesaukee and is a very popular destination.

Search for Merrymeeting Lake Real Estate

Area: 143 Acres
Avg. Depth: 10 ft.
Max. Depth: 42 ft.
Location: Washington NH

Search for Millen Lake Real Estate

Area: 377 Acres
Max Depth: 44 feet
Shoreline: 3.5 miles
Location: Tuftonboro, Wolfeboro.
Info: Mirror Lake is moderately developed and is heavily wooded.

Search for Mirror Lake Real Estate

Area: 4,105 acres
Max Depth: 168 feet
Shoreline: 19.8 miles
Location: Bristol, Hebron, Alexandria, Bridgewater.
Info: Newfound has a length of 5.7 miles and a width of 2.7 miles, with an average depth of 65 ft. Newfound is one of the cleanest lakes in the United States.

Search for Newfound Lake Real Estate

Area: 3,091 acres
Max Depth: 73 feet
Shoreline: 10.6 miles
Location: Ossipee, Freedom.
Info: Ossipee is moderately developed and many of the waterfronts have sandy beaches.

Search for Ossipee Lake Real Estate

Area: 1,205 acres
Max Depth: 90 feet
Shoreline: 9.7 miles
Location: Laconia
Info: Paugus Bay is 3.3 miles long and has a width of .9 of a mile. Lake Winnipesaukee feeds directly into Paugus Bay through the Weirs channel. Paugus Bay then flows into Lake Opechee through the Lakeport Dam. The city of Laconia obtains its municipal water from this lake.

Area: 241 acres
Max Depth: 30 feet
Shoreline: 3.8 miles
Location: Meredith, New Hampton.
Info: Pemigewasset has a length of 1.1 miles and a width of .5 miles.

Search for Pemigewasset Lake Real Estate

Area: 606 acres
Length: 1.8 miles
Width: 0.7 miles
Located: New London
Info: Pleasant Lake flows out to the Blackwater River.

Search for Pleasant Lake Real Estate

Area: 79 acres
Shoreline: 1.7 miles
Location: Gilmanton.
Info: Sawyer Lake has an average depth of 11 ft.


Search for Sawyer Lake Real Estate

Area: 148 acres
Shoreline: 3.3 miles
Max. Depth: 15 ft.
Avg. Depth: 7 ft.
Location: Gilmanton
Info: Shellcamp lake is located in close proximity to forests and parks. It can accomodate many types of watercraft including boats, kayaks, canoes, and sailboats. There is a public boat launch on the northeastern shore. This is a great lake for fishing with many types of fish including largemouth bass, chain pickerel, yellow perch, sunfish, lake trout, and more. This is a great area for fun in all 4 seasons in New Hampshire.

Search for Shellcamp Lake Real Estate

Area: 216 acres
Max Depth: 11 feet
Shoreline: 3.9 miles
Location: Tilton.
Info: Silver Lake has a length and width of .8 miles.

Search for Silver Lake Real Estate

Area: 346 acres
Max Depth: 75 feet
Shoreline: 3.5 miles
Location: Rumney, Ellsworth.
Info: With an average depth of 39 ft., Stinson Lake is situated in a high elevation of 1,303 ft. surrounded by mountains.

Search for Stinson Lake Real Estate

Area: 6,765 acres
Max Depth: 98 feet
Shoreline: 60.5 miles
Location: Holderness, Center Harbor, Sandwich, Moultonborough.
Info: Squam Lake is New Hampshire’s second largest lake with 67 islands to explore. The movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed on this scenic lake. It has a length of 3.7 miles and a width of 3.4 miles.

Search for Squam Lake Real Estate

Area: 612 acres
Max Depth: 40 feet
Shoreline: 4.3 miles
Location: Franklin.
Info: Webster Lake is a popular quiet lake in Franklin dotted with second and primary homes.

Search for Webster Lake Real Estate

Governor’s Island on Lake Winnipesaukee. Click here for Governor’s Island real estate.

Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee

Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee is famous for hosting NH’s annual “Motorcycle Week.” Its amusement park nostalgia and seasonal fireworks displays draw large crowds in the summer months. The port at Weirs Beach is a departure point for the MS Mount Washington boat cruises.

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