Rattlesnake Island

Rattlesnake Island on Lake Winnipesaukee

Rattlesnake Island is located within the town of Alton, New Hampshire on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. The island encompasses approx. 368 acres and is one of 7 islands ranging in size from 100 to 500 acres. Of all the islands on Lake Winnipesaukee Rattlesnake has probably one of the most interesting and prominent topographies. Located on the southern section of the “Big Lake” the island is easily accessible from several marinas located in Alton and Wolfeboro. Rattlesnake Island is the highest elevation island on Lake Winnipesaukee at 874′ high-rising 370 feet above the mean lake level. Because of this height, the island is seen from many locations along the lake and provides a very interesting outlook. The island is approx. 2 miles long and includes approx. 5 miles of shoreline. The topography is varied and the island includes a long peninsula that juts out from the southerly side of the island which rises gradually. The easterly side of the island has sections which are quite steep in which the land rises considerably from the shoreline. There are many hiking trails which interconnect throughout the island offering wonderful lake and mountain vistas. These trails are used frequently by island dwellers for outdoor recreation, exercise, and family outings. The interior of the island is used as a conservation area. On the easterly end of the island the interior portion is owned by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, whereas on the westerly end is owned by the Rattlesnake Island Association. The island enjoys dramatic views of Mount Major and the Belknaps, as well as views of the Ossipees. The property also looks north toward Diamond Island and the White Mountains. The westerly side of the island enjoys breathtaking sunsets and afternoon sun while the easterly side of the island enjoys beautiful sunrises and morning to early afternoon sun.

The island is within close proximity to the town docks in Wolfeboro, with all of its attractions, shopping, and restaurants. In addition, the island is close to the town of Alton Bay with its town docks, restaurants, and shops. Many fine lakeside restaurants can be enjoyed by boating to and from. The island is serviced by electric power and telephone service to all the lots. The water quality and clarity of the lake surrounding Rattlesnake Island and Diamond Island is considered the finest on the lake because the deepest part of the lake is located off of Diamond Island, not far from Rattlesnake, and the water currents move clearly along the “Broads” of the lake creating crystal clear water quality. Many seasonal homes have been built along the shores of the island at many different price points. A number of them have constructed stone breakwaters for their docking facilities because of the prevailing winds depending on the location on the island. Most of the time there is a pretty good selection of properties available along the shoreline because of the extensive amount of frontage along the lake and the number of homes built. Prices for the island properties are considerably less than their counterpart on the main land. All island property owners belong to the Rattlesnake Island Association which requires a modest yearly association fee. In addition to owning land on the island itself, the association also owns a parcel of property on the main land near Smith Point in Glidden Cove which also includes short term docking for island residents, a boat launch ramp, and 2 parking areas for residents and guests, plus there is also an area for parking boat trailers. The town of Alton’s tax rate for 2011 was $13.07/ thousand based on a tax ratio set at 99%.
-Information obtained from multiple sources.