Squam Lake Real Estate

Area: 6,764.5 acres
Max Depth: 99′
Avg. Depth: 24′
Location: Holderness, Center Harbor, Sandwich, Moultonborough
Info: Squam Lake is New Hampshire’s second-largest lake with 67 islands to explore. The movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed on this scenic lake.



Squam Lake, New Hampshire

Squam Lake real estate provides homeowners with something you can’t purchase just anywhere: mountain views and miles of shoreline. The natural beauty of the area is something a real estate location either has or doesn’t have, and this location has it, with plenty of lake and beach for everyone to enjoy. The lake covers 6,791 acres and is the second-largest lake located entirely in New Hampshire, with 30 islands.

Things to Do in the Area

While the magnificent mountain scenery and unspoiled beauty of the lake are enough to make anybody fall in love, the area also provides residents with plenty to do all year long. For instance, you can take a cruise, go fishing, paddleboard, kayak, or motorboat. Hiking is also a popular pastime in the Lakes Region.

The cruise is a noteworthy activity on Squam Lake. It is not merely a standard ride on a large boat; it’s a floating science center, giving you a tour of the lake and shorelines and education about the wildlife.

Benefits of Living in the Squam Lake Region

Whether you purchase property on the lake or near it, you won’t regret it. You’ll get sweeping views, plenty of space and a plethora of activities to keep you busy. The area is suitable for both the active and not-so-active. Plus, the scenery is excellent for entertaining.

We can’t forget the fall leaves changing in autumn from green hues to vibrant shades of yellow, red and orange. Once winter hits, the region has plenty to offer as well, including winter sports and the beauty of freshly fallen snow.
Spring also has much to offer residents of the lake and the surrounding region. You’ll witness winter coming to an end and the new life resuming, all with a magnificent mountain and lake views in the background.

Besides what the lake and mountains have to offer, the city and state are also known to have a number of benefits, such as low crime rates, a strong economy, good educational opportunities, and no state income tax on wages.

About the Real Estate

As you can expect, houses on or by Squam Lake are highly sought after. Houses in the area can be found at varying prices, ranging from homes that are under half a million to multimillion-dollar mansions. As you get further away from the lake, you’ll find less expensive ones.

Around Squam Lake and the surrounding area, you can find your dream home, located not far from docks and beaches. The scenery offers something unique every season, and the lack of state tax on income gives you more money to enjoy the region. Plus, you’ll reap the reward of low crime. The movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed on Squam Lake, starring Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn.

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