Long Island

Long Island on Lake Winnipesaukee

Long Island is located in Moultonborough, New Hampshire on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Long Island is 1,186 acres in area, making it Lake Winnipesaukee’s largest island. Long Island is one of over approx. 274 islands on Lake Winnipesaukee, which spans approx. 22.9 miles with a width of approx. 7.5 miles at its widest point. The Lake includes approx. 288 miles of shoreline with approx.. 72 sq. mi. of water area. The maximum water depth is approx. 187 feet deep with an average depth of 62 feet with approx. 625 billion gallons of water. It’s the 6th largest natural lake completely inside the U.S. borders.

From the time it was annexed to the town of Moultonborough, and into the late 20th century, much of the island was used for farming. Two prominent names in farming at the time were John Boody and John Brown. Boody farmed wheat that was of the highest quality the Federal Government purchased it to be shipped to farmers in the western half of the U.S. Brown was known for developing King Philip Corn and held a record for the amount of corn per acre that he produced.  Later with the addition of the bridge and improved accessibility due to the steamboat, Long Island became more of a location for tourists and summer residents.

Long Island is one of 5 bridge islands on Lake Winnipesaukee. Access to the island is provided off of Moultonborough Neck Road. A beautiful drive down the neck brings you past Trexler’s Marina and along a sandy shorefront at the entrance to the bridge. The scenic short bridge provides year round access to this magical island where many deer are spotted throughout the seasons. Many outstanding fine year-round homes have been constructed over the years on Long Island. Many of them on the westerly side of the island enjoy late afternoon sun and blazing sunsets. The homes on the easterly side of the island enjoy beautiful sunrises and lots of sunlight during the morning and early afternoon. Breathtaking views are enjoyed from many locations. The island has a rolling topography and many snowmobilers utilize the island and go onto the frozen lake during the winter months. Long Island is conveniently located next to several marinas, yacht clubs, and boat launches. The town of Moultonborough offers one of the lowest tax rates on Lake Winnipesaukee.
-Information obtained from the Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society and other sources.