Homes for Sale on Squam Lake NH

Big Squam Lake

Area: 6,765 acres
Max Depth: 98 feet
Shoreline: 60.5 miles
Location: Holderness, Center Harbor, Sandwich, Moultonborough.
Info: Squam Lake is New Hampshire’s second largest lake with 67 islands to explore. The movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed on this scenic lake. It has a length of 3.7 miles and a width of 3.4 miles.

Squam Lake real estate provides homeowners with something you can’t purchase just anywhere: mountain views and miles of shoreline. The natural beauty of the area is something a real estate location either has or doesn’t have, and this location has it, with plenty of lake and beach for everyone to enjoy. The lake covers 6,791 acres and is the second-largest lake located entirely in New Hampshire, with 30 islands.